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My wife & I love retrospectives – we, having more time available these days, pick a significant date in our past & then use the internet to search for events that occurred on that date – many (if not most) had been totally forgotten about.

So, here’s a date we all share, but it might pass you by as to how important it was, is & will be in regard to all our lives.

The date I’m referring to is March 1971.

That date was the genesis of the association which became known as Retirement Lease Housing Association or as we all refer to it – RLHA.

It was truly a pioneering concept, providing safe, well managed & most importantly affordable accommodation for people at the end of their working lives.

Others have followed the concept, but RLHA unlike its imitators is different – its mission remains as it was when it was conceived in 1971 – an organisation that was, is & always will be – not for profit.

Although our organisation umbrella has grown to over 100 estates with more than 2500 customers in those 50 years, our ability to really expand & grow has been affected by our refusal to modify those two key commitments that remain our aim – this organisation is for our customers service & this organisation is not for profit.

Why are we so successful at what we do if we are not driven by the desire to maximise profit?

Ask any member of our team – Estate Managers, Area Managers or the team at Head Office – “Why do you work so hard? “– they will tell you the two reasons for their dedication – “I love what I do & I know I can make a difference”.

And make a difference, they certainly do!

Without dwelling on the subject of the past 12 months, we the residents of RLHA estates owe a huge debt of gratitude for the patient, pro-active way that RLHA has helped to keep us safe & through their website kept us informed about how other Estates were keeping motivated & positive during the enforced “lockdowns”.

Personally, I have followed the guidance provided on the website very closely & must report that often the advice provided & actions recommended were ahead of the Government’s Department of Health. So would our Head of Operations & Chief Executive please take a bow. I am mystified as to how RLHA was able to anticipate the situation so effectively.

Milestones are important, they inform you, they tell you how far you’ve come & they tell you how much travel is required to reach your destination.

50 years is a very significant milestone in any organisation’s history – so many businesses don’t survive that long. Look at your High Street and you will remember those shops and services that were so familiar and seemed so indispensable and have now sadly disappeared.

RLHA is much more durable, it has a reason for being and a determination to continue to provide the service it came into existence for – our service, & RLHA puts service before itself!

I’m always happy to respond to any questions you might have or ideas that you would like to bounce off me.  Your point of contact is Michelle Cable, Project Manager, email

Perry Davies
Leaseholder Board Member

“My mother has lived here for 10 years now and has the best of both worlds, the independence which she values and the friendships of the other residents”

Mrs N. Aldershot

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