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Leaseholder Board Member Blog

Leaseholder Board Member Blog


Rather than producing the annual “Report Card” for the Board of the company – I have chosen, this year, to tell you about my experience as a customer. After all, although I’m the Leaseholder Board Member, first of all I’m a customer.

When a company suspects that their customer service doesn’t bear scrutiny, they often resort to Image Consultants – they try to establish “What does good LOOK like?”.

They should put themselves in their customer’s shoes & ask “What does good FEEL like?”.

I’ve lived on an ELM/RLHA estate for over 11 years, an estate that the company has managed for over 40 years.

For me, Good feels like this –

1. Not for profit.

Knowing that our company is not in the hands of shareholders, uncertain whether they should stay with their investment or look for the next, new big thing. Also, that we aren’t at the mercy of a Venture Capital group who will try to screw down the service & the costs to maximise their return, while always looking to offload the business.

So why if we don’t have a profit motive, why are we in business?

The answer is to provide a safe, well managed & affordable environment for every leaseholder & that means every customer.

2. Commitment

The company wears its heart on its sleeve.

Read the Mission Statement – it boils down to “Being the BEST that we can be”.

Being brave enough to do the right thing, even if it isn’t the most popular thing.

Showing empathy.

Doing what needs to be done for the benefit of all concerned.

3. The Staff.

Ask any member of staff - & I mean any member, the Estate Managers, the Area Managers, the Support Staff at Aldershot, The Leadership Group, all of them right up to the Chief Executive ….

“Why do you do it?”

If it’s not about the fat salaries or the brilliant staff incentives, there are no trips to swish resorts or fat bonuses.

If it’s not about cushy hours with loads of time off.

If it’s not about a job that runs on auto-pilot.

Ask, & you will be told –

“I do it because I LOVE my job”.

“I do it because I KNOW I can make a difference”.

So, what does good feel like?

It feels like being at the right place all the time!

I’m always happy to respond to any questions you might have or ideas that you would like to bounce off me.  Your point of contact is Helen Tigg, Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive, email

Perry Davies
Leaseholder Board Member

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"My mother has lived here for 10 years now and has the best of both worlds, the independence which she values and the friendships of the other residents"

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