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FAQ’s Regarding staff remote working


FAQ’s Regarding staff remote working

We understand that there may be some uncertainty surrounding the current situation with Coronavirus, however we can assure you that we are following the most up to date government advice and are doing everything we can to minimise the risk to our customers and staff while maintaining the expected level of service to you. We will continue to keep you updated at every opportunity.

Please see below some anticipated questions regarding us working remotely. Of course, if you have any other questions or additional suggestions please contact us.

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Is my data secure?
We have a stringent policy for working from home and have highlighted some key points below. Keeping your information secure is our top priority and we are taking suitable precautions to safeguard this.

Regarding data protection and security, our working from home policy includes:

  • When working from home, the employee must ensure that all documentation is stored securely and that any laptop or PC is password protected and turned off when not in use.
  • If receiving telephone calls whilst in a public place the employee will advise the caller of this and inform them that they will call them back at a suitable time, when they are able to speak freely.
  • All homeworkers must comply with their duties and obligations with regard to confidentiality and data protection under the Company's Data Protection policy.

I’ve sent something into the Aldershot office by post, will this be received?
We will be running a skeleton staff-rota system throughout the week to keep on top of the daily administrative tasks such as opening and distributing post and sending out mail communications. If this changes at any stage, we will update you.

My Area Manager was due to visit, has this been cancelled?
We are currently taking the appropriate steps to keep both you and our employees safe and, in some cases, meetings may have to be postponed.
However, Estate visits are continuing whilst the Area Manager is able to do so. If your query is urgent you can contact your Area Manager by email or telephone as usual or contact the Aldershot office on 01252 356000.

Will my Estate Manager still be available?
We have agreed that the Estate Manager role does not fit within the working from home criteria and have advised all our Estate Managers to follow the government guidelines and to maintain a safe personal distance when in contact with other people, as well as frequent handwashing using the 20 second rule.

How long is this likely to go on for?
No one is certain of this currently, however rest assured we are following the latest government advice and will update our working practices as things change to reflect the most up to date advice. By testing the procedures, which we have always considered to be robust in an event such as this, prior to being enforced to do so the expectation is that we should be able to use the time to make any necessary alterations to the practices.

Most importantly to us is that we continue to deliver the service that you expect and in these unprecedented times we are on hand for additional reassurance if required from residents and staff alike.

"My mother has lived here for 10 years now and has the best of both worlds, the independence which she values and the friendships of the other residents"

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