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What do I do if I have a problem inside my property?
Looking after the inside your property is essentially your responsibility, although there are some exceptions. If you live on one of our retirement developments, please talk to your Estate Manager.

Who is responsible for the upkeep of the communal areas (the bits we all share)?
We are. If you notice that something isn’t quite right, please let us or your Estate Manager know.

I love gardening. Can I help out with planting and pruning?
We’d love to say ‘yes’, but the way some grounds are landscaped and managed means it isn’t quite that simple! Your Estate Manager will be able to advise you.

When can I use the laundry room?
Each development is free to work out its own opening and closing times (if any). Please contact your Estate Manager to find out what’s been agreed where you are.

Can I bring my dog/cat/budgie with me?
It depends on your lease: even where pets are permitted, there may be conditions. To find out about the situation at a particular property, please ring us on 01252 356000

Can I alter my property?
Again, it depends on the lease. In all cases, you’ll need to advise us as consent will be required, sometimes with an obligation for additional notification to the freeholder too. As an alteration request relates to an individual property (and is not covered by the service charge) there is also the likelihood of an additional administrative charge of £75 + VAT for registering the alteration and the work that we do. Please talk to your Estate Manager, or contact Head Office on 01252 356000 or email

Can anyone enter my property?
Absolutely not. Even though we may hold master keys on some developments, we’ll use them only in the event of an emergency, or with your written agreement.

I want to fit additional security locks to my property. Is this allowed?
We don’t recommend it if you live on a retirement development with a 24-hour emergency call system, as it may prevent the emergency services getting help to you quickly. On a non- retirement development, it’s not a problem.

Do I have to pay service charges and ground rent even if my property is unoccupied?
Sorry, yes. We still need to cut the grass, clean the windows and provide other essential services to the other residents. Your share really counts.

Do I need to buy a TV Licence?
Yes. On some of our retirement developments, you can buy a ‘concessionary’ licence at a substantially reduced rate. Your Estate Manager will be able to tell you more.

Do I have to pay council tax?
Yes. You’ll need to contact your local council and let them know the date you moved in.

Will I need my own insurance?
Although we insure the buildings and communal areas, we strongly recommend you take out your own contents insurance. As well as covering loss or damage, it will cover you if a problem within your home causes damage to a neighbour’s property.

What happens if there’s a fire?

  • if you live in a non-retirement development, please refer to the Fire Action Notice. On our retirement developments we operate a ‘stay put/delayed evacuation’ policy. This means:
  • if you’re in your home and you hear the fire alarm, stay put until you’re told to evacuate the building
  • if you discover a fire, leave the building by the nearest exit and raise the alarm
  • if you’re in any communal area when the alarm sounds, leave by the nearest fire exit, and return only when told to do so

Fire alarms are tested weekly. For more information, please contact your Estate Manager or Area Manager.

My neighbour is causing a nuisance. What should I do?
The best approach is to talk to them directly; very often, they simply don’t realise there’s a problem, and it can be easily put right. If you’ve already tried this and it hasn’t done the trick, let us know and we’ll help you sort it out.

Can I always park in the same space?
Parking is on a first-come first-served basis, unless you bought a dedicated parking space with your home.

Can I have people to stay?
It’s your home, and visitors are always welcome. If you haven’t got enough space, many of our developments have guest facilities. Your Estate Manager can deal with bookings, and let you know how much it will cost.

“My mother has lived here for 10 years now and has the best of both worlds, the independence which she values and the friendships of the other residents”

Mrs N. Aldershot

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