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Annual Employee Conference: Session 3


Annual Employee Conference: Session 3

We held our third and final session of our Annual Employee Conference last Wednesday.  During this session we recognised and celebrated our Long Service Awards – those of our employees who have been with us between 5 and 25 years!  Not only are we proud of our heritage and celebrating 50 years but many of our team have been with us for a long time and still have enthusiasm and passion in their role.

We also recognised our Estate Managers who achieved their EMDP Levels 1-3 during this year with one Estate Manager completing his IRPM qualification.  Given how challenging this year has been due to Covid-19 we think this is an even greater achievement!

Keeping with our Sustainability theme since our first session we have been running an inhouse Olympic style competition asking for suggestions on how as an organisation we can make a difference.  We received an overwhelming response and our Leadership Team went through each and every suggestion to choose the top 5.  During our final session we held a poll asking everyone to vote for their favourite and the ‘winners’ were:

Gold 1st  Place: Create environments for Bees 

Silver 2nd Place:  Reduce the temperature in communal areas

Bronze 3rd Place: Community Litter Picks

We will be working on implementing these ideas, and lots of the others too, over the coming weeks and months and our Sustainability Workgroup will help drive these initiatives.

As a little gift to all attendees we have given everyone a Matchbox Seed Ball gift as pictured below:


"My mother has lived here for 10 years now and has the best of both worlds, the independence which she values and the friendships of the other residents"

Mrs N. Aldershot

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