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Acts of Kindness


Acts of Kindness

It takes so little time out of our day to be kind, and over the last year, and moving into this one kindness has been so important for keeping our own and other peoples spirits high. We’ve shared lots of stories of our Estate Managers going above and beyond to help their residents and the little things they have done to help keep everyone positive throughout this pandemic.

Some Estate Managers left Easter eggs and Christmas presents for their residents, local musicians came to play for our residents on one estate, residents shared their flowers by putting them in the communal areas so everyone could enjoy them and people set up food banks in the communal areas when shopping was a challenge.

As yesterday was Kindness Day we wanted to recognise the little and big things our residents have done to help their neighbours, estate, and community throughout the pandemic.  A little while ago we asked our Estate Managers to nominate and tell us a bit about the residents, they believed had gone the extra mile during the Covid-19 lockdowns.

We received a great response and decided to introduce ELM’s ‘Resident Star Awards’ to recognise these individuals’ contributions to their Estates and local communities. Those nominated will receive a certificate and a letter from our Chief Executive as a token of our gratitude for making life a little easier for those around them. Some of the things we were made aware of were residents who assisted with looking after more vulnerable residents on their estates; particularly those who were shielding or had no direct family support; They carried out shopping for others, collected newspapers and prescriptions for those unable to go out. We also had reports of residents who conducted extra cleaning around their estates in addition to their contracted cleaners, just to make sure that things were as clean as possible.

There were residents who took on the role of post distributor, delivering letters to the individual flats within their development to assist the postman and reduce the need for them to come inside, and there were several across our estates who were the driving force in getting the residents to Clap for the NHS and Carers.

Some comments received from our Estate Managers included:

“Without the help of these people [the development] would not run so smoothly or have such a lovely community atmosphere”


“I know I should not rely too much on residents, but he is someone I know I can rely on to help if needed”


“on some very scary days they were there for us, making sure we (and our families) were OK and showed gratitude to us being there. So, I would love to show them some gratitude for all they have done too”.


“There are so many nice little things they do to make everyone's lives better”


We just wanted to say thank you!

"My mother has lived here for 10 years now and has the best of both worlds, the independence which she values and the friendships of the other residents"

Mrs N. Aldershot

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