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Value for Money

Value for Money

Value for Money is part of our ethos and this week one of our Estate Assistants, Kay Cronin, went the extra mile and avoided unnecessary expenditure at one of our estates for almost £2500.

The lift had broken down and the team at Aldershot received a quote for the replacement of a main part which came to £2000 + VAT.

Using her initiative to look back through past invoices Kay noticed that it looked like this part had been replaced in December 2016 and after checking the terms and conditions confirmed that there was a 12 month warranty.

Kay brought this to the suppliers attention and eventually they agreed to replace the part for free therefore saving the estate, and ultimately the leaseholders, almost £2500.

People always ask us…”What makes you different?” and we think that this is a great example of not letting the process drive everything.  Kay felt empowered to challenge the contractors and the result was positive for the leaseholders concerned.  This reinforces “The ELM Way” where we always look for efficient value for money solutions and treat leaseholders money as if it were our own.

Well done Kay!

"My mother has lived here for 10 years now and has the best of both worlds, the independence which she values and the friendships of the other residents"

Mrs N. Aldershot

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