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An update on Water De-regulation

An update on Water De-regulation

As you may be aware the water market opened on the 1st April 2017 and so far the response and results from the water retailers has not been encouraging.  As an organisation we decided to adopt a ‘wait and see approach’ and take advice from our brokers (the same team who deal with our gas and electric portfolio) as to the best time to create a water procurement opportunity.

Our brokers have advised us...

There are two sides to the pricing story depending on the size of your business. In the SME sector prices being offered seem to be off the pace of what was expected prior to de-regulation. In contrast the corporate world pricing has been a little more aggressive as the retailers scrabble to acquire large groups as customers. 

In regards to processes, whilst we are working off pricing portals, some of the information we are getting back from suppliers would suggest that the national database, which is still being developed, seems to be a little out of date in terms of the information it holds. In addition to this suppliers have been inundated with pricing requests which have just compounded the problem. These issues, as you can imagine are causing delays in the pricing of contracts and some customers are being left waiting for the suppliers to get themselves into gear. 

In conclusion we feel we have made the right decision to wait until the markets have organised themselves before embarking on a water procurement programme.  We’re keen to achieve the very best prices available for our customers but we also need to have confidence that the water companies are equipped to deliver a reliable (and accurate) service

Our broker will continue to keep us appraised on the water markets and will be in contact when they feel the time is right to start looking into a water procurement programme in more detail.  At this stage we will provide an update and full information to all of our leaseholders and owners in the same way we approach our gas and electricity renewals.

If you have any comments or queries please feel free to contact me via email or 01252 356000.

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