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Retirement Coaching Programme

Retirement Coaching Programme

I was recently introduced at a meeting to Kasia Dziubinska and Craig Chapman who run Money Plan-it Wealth Management Ltd

Having discussed what our various organisations did we then started by talking about the wonderfully diverse range of customers that we have at ELM and that most were retired. Some are not and some maybe wish that they weren’t whilst others are absolutely delighted with their freedom from the workplace.

The conversation then moved on to how the Team at ELM like to be able to share with our customers when we identify opportunities and services which could improve the life of those in and approaching retirement.

Kasia described an incredible new Retirement Coaching Programme whereby her Team at Money Plan-it help you to:

  • Visualise your ideal retirement
  • Find your purpose in life beyond work
  • Find out what you are retiring “from” and what you are retiring “to”
  • Live your retirement lifestyle with confidence

Kasia gave some amazing examples of the non-financial questions that they ask people during The Retirement Coaching Programme which have certainly got some of us here in the office thinking!

Having enjoyed this discussion and seen how effective it can be, I wanted to make all of our customers aware of the company Money Plan-it. More especially I focussed on the Retirement Coaching Programme that they offer, both for retirees and also for children and friends who may be thinking about retirement.

Naturally I am aware that there may be services like this available and offered by other organisations.

Lorraine Collis

Chief Executive

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