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Message from Lorraine…

Message from Lorraine…

I anticipate that by now you have had an opportunity to embrace our new ‘image’ in the form of our ‘Re-brand’ and hope you love our new image as much as we all do.  So that we can integrate our website into our general communication strategy, we are going to be launching a new “Intranet system” which is linked to the website and will be for the use of our Estate Managers in particular.  Here they’ll be able to log in through the new section of the website and download important documents and everyday forms that are regularly used in their role.  We’re also going to host a monthly blog on the new website under the News section where we’ll discuss topical issues and positive impacts along with some occasional updates about us as an Organisation. With all of these plans you can see that we are going to make full use of the website in order to communicate to you, and you’ll soon find that visiting our website becomes part of your regular routine.

While I was recently looking through some papers in our archive, I ventured across some historical literature written by Louisa Hawken called “Twenty-one Years On: Recollections of Retirement Lease Housing Association”. It’s such a charming document even though it’s now twenty three years since it was originally written!  I’ve made it available for you to view on below and I do hope you’ll find some time to read it.  It’s definitely worth the time to read if you’re interested in knowing something about our history. The ethical and innovative essence of the Organisation described by Louisa is still very much a fundamental part of our approach to our business. It was for this reason that we decided to focus upon these two structural elements of the Ethical Leasehold Management “brand” and to make ELM the group name that serves to underpin our business. It serves to act as a constant stimulus, and focuses on both our heritage and future aspirations. The RLHA and ELM organisations, registered under the       Co-operative and Community Benefits Society Act 2014 will continue to operate as always, it is only the overall “Group Name” that has changed to ELM Group.

A “Thank You” from me is due as well, as we have started to get some positive feedback regarding the new Estates Team, both about Area Managers and the support Team at Head Office. It’s been over six months with Ben’s Senior Team of Barbara, Jeremy, Stuart and most recently Mark in post, and they’ve been like a breath of fresh air for us. The whole of the new ELM Team are completely focused and looking forward to building on this progress so that we can become a truly proactive management company. There will be a few changes, no doubt, but now we have the blue print of the type and skill set of the people that will enhance our Corporate Values, we will continue to engage them.

It’s not all “done and dusted” yet of course – we’re only just through the beginning of this new and exciting journey, but even some of our harshest critics have been gracious enough to acknowledge the progress we’ve made to date, thank you, and we offer our commitment to you that we will continue to work to deserve your continued faith.

With over 2,500 customers, I’m realistic enough to acknowledge that however hard we try and whatever positive steps we take going forward, there will be some customers that the Elm Team just cannot satisfy, but even so, it remains our ultimate goal! So, with this in mind, you may be asked for a little more feedback when you call or email us.  It’s just to enable us to continue to gauge how things are progressing and being received by you, our all-important customers.

All of us in the Senior Team very much enjoyed meeting some of you or your representatives of the Estates at the Forums that were booked for May. An interesting and fast paced agenda was realised and we anticipated (and were pleased to receive) some stimulating questions from the representatives. It has been a motivating experience to get the feedback on how Forums have improved from your perspective year on year, so we felt some considerable pressure trying to get the balance of the 2015 Forums right. I know Gemma received suggestions for topics from you as well, which were incorporated.

Our ‘Blogs’ are all about communication and information sharing, so if there is anything in the wider world that you feel ELM Group should be voicing on your behalf - or if something is impacting on your day to day activities that you feel should be brought to the attention of a broader audience - be that local government; Members of Parliament or beyond, please do let us know. Equally, if you have any topics for discussion in our ‘Blog’, please let us know.

We’re looking to release our next Blog in Mid July from Ben Williams Head of Operations, but if anything else comes up in the interim period, we will look to post an additional one.

Lorraine Collis

Chief Executive

Louisa Hawken's Twenty-one Years On Recollections of Retirement Lease Housing Association

"My mother has lived here for 10 years now and has the best of both worlds, the independence which she values and the friendships of the other residents"

Mrs N. Aldershot

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