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June 2016 Blog news from Chris Myles Leaseholder Board Member

June 2016 Blog news from Chris Myles Leaseholder Board Member

chris myles

Hopefully the weather will soon reflect the time of year and the sun will be shining on a dry warm summer.

Since my last blog, I have attended the first Strategic Meeting of 2016 which was held in January, two Board meetings held in February and April together with the forty fifth AGM of RLHA and the thirty fourth AGM of ELM. There are no meetings to be held in June and August, a result of which, the July board meeting will be my last meeting as my 3 year tenure finishes in August.

When I first joined the Board in 2013, RLHA was going through a difficult period with many staff changes taking place and a lack of continuity at Area Manager and Estate Manager level. The last two years have seen a vast improvement in this area, which has been reflected in the reduction in the number of complaints received by Customer Services.

In May I attended two forums, Copper Court and St Phillips Court.  It was also my intention to attend Andon Court Beckenham, unfortunately this forum was cancelled at the last minute due to a number of leaseholders being unable to attend. The forums were well received however as I reported last year, the attendance was disappointing. Now that the forums have been completed there will be a review of the issues discussed and whether the present format of holding the forums should be changed.

I have enjoyed my three years as a board member, and I would like to record my thanks to those leaseholders who elected me and to my fellow board members for their help and understanding. To my successor good luck and please keep in contact with Leaseholders.

To all leaseholders I hope you enjoy the summer ahead.

Should you need to contact me on the contents of this blog or any other issues this can be achieved via Michelle on the following email address

Chris Myles

"My mother has lived here for 10 years now and has the best of both worlds, the independence which she values and the friendships of the other residents"

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