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Fire Safety

Fire Safety

Following the Grenfell Tower fire some residents may, understandably, have concerns about the ‘Stay Put’ policy operated on most of our estates. Inevitably lessons will be learned from this tragedy however in the meantime, we consider, based on expert guidance to date, that ‘Stay Put’ remains the recommended course of action to ensure the safety of our residents.

The Stay Put policy relies on flats being fully self-contained and doors being fire-resistant for at least 30 minutes. This is checked as part of the Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) conducted on all our estates every three years by a specialist contractor.  We also carry out internal reviews at least once a year and regularly test fire alarms and smoke detectors to ensure that they remain serviceable.

If you’d like further details or reassurance regarding the safety procedures on your own estate, please contact your Estate Manager or your Area Manager by calling (01252) 356000 or emailing


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