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70 is the new 50

70 is the new 50








Here at ELM we specialise in managing developments for the over-55s market and were delighted to see an article in The Times recently challenging the traditional perception of the term 'retirement'.

The article, ‘Having a ball at 70’, highlights the rise of the septuagenarians - a person who is between 70 and 79 years old - and how they’re ripping up the retirement rule book.

A particularly interesting point in the article is the comparison between ‘Old seventies v new seventies', and how the lives of septuagenarians differs significantly from the lives of their grandparents.

Here are just some of the ways their lives are changing.

Old seventies v New seventies

Old Morris Minor
New Expensive mountain bike

Old Package tours in Malta and the Canaries
New Luxury backpacking in India and mini-breaks to Marrakesh

Old Outraged letters to the local paper
New Outraged tweets

Old Blue rinse and rollers
New Salon blow-dries and pale blond dye

Old Bridge
New Poker

Old Pond’s Cold Cream
New Crème de la Mer

Old Giving the grandchildren £5 in a card
New Forgetting birthdays, too busy having fun to remember

Old Golf
New Marathons

Old Old Spice
New Hugo Boss

Old Girdle
New Spanx/Rigby & Peller

Old Bathing suit and swimming hat
New M&S supportive bikini

Old Comb-over to hide baldness
New Embracing baldness, clippers set on number two

Old Meat and two veg with Branston pickle
New Flexitarianism and chia seeds

Old False teeth
New Gleaming white implants

Old Sherry
New Champagne

Old Windcheater
New Barbour jacket

Old Chinos/Sta-Prest trousers
New Uniqlo jeans

Old Tea dance
New Zumba

To read the full article on The Times, click here.

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